Proof and Truth of Matthew-wars -blog7

Proof and Truth of Matthew-wars -blog7

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents

Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)

1900 1900 War of the Golden Stool United Kingdom Ashanti Empire

1901 1902 Anglo-Aro War United Kingdom Aro Confederacy

1902 1925 War of Unification of Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Nejd
Allied Arab clans Rashidi State
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Hejaz

1903 1904 British expedition to Tibet United Kingdom Tibet

1904 1907 Herero War German Empire (including German colonial forces) Herero and Namaqua peoples

1904 1905 Russo-Japanese War Empire of Japan Russian Empire
Principality of Montenegro

1905 1905 1905 Russian Revolution Russian Empire Revolutionaries

1906 1906 Dutch intervention in Bali The Netherlands Badung

1907 1907 1907 Romanian Peasants’ Revolt Kingdom of Romania

1908 1908 Dutch intervention in Bali The Netherlands Karangasem

1908 1909 Persian Civil War Persia

1909 1910 Second Rif War Spain Morocco

1909 1911 Wadai War France Ouaddai Empire

1910 1921 Mexican Revolution Mexico

1910 1918 Border War (1910–1918)
Part of the Mexican Revolution

1911 1912 Second Franco-Moroccan War France Morocco

1911 1912 Italo-Turkish War Kingdom of Italy Ottoman Empire

1911 1912 Xinhai Revolution
1911 Revolution Tongmenghui Qing Empire of China

1912 1913 First Balkan War Kingdom of Bulgaria
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Montenegro Ottoman Empire

1912 1916 Contestado War Brazilian Governists Rebels

1912 1933 United States occupation of Nicaragua
Part of the Banana Wars United States Nicaraguan rebels

1913 1913 Second Balkan War Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Montenegro Kingdom of Bulgaria

1914 1918

(Treaty) World War I Triple Entente: Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Serbia
Russian Empire (until March 1917)
British Empire
Kingdom of Italy (from April 1915)
United States (from 1917)
Kingdom of Montenegro
Empire of Japan
Portuguese Republic (from March 1916)
Kingdom of Romania (August 1916-May 1918)
Kingdom of Greece (from June 1917)
Brazil (from October 1917)
Armenia (from May 1918)
Finland (from October 1918r)
Kingdom of Siam
San Marino (from June 1915)
China (from August 1917) Central Powers: Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Empire (including German colonial forces)
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Bulgaria

1914 1914 United States occupation of Veracruz
Part of the Banana Wars United States Mexico

1915 1934 United States occupation of Haiti
Part of the Banana Wars United States Haiti

1916 1917 Kaocen Revolt France Tuareg guerrillas

1916 1916 Easter Rising British Army
Dublin Metropolitan Police
Royal Irish Constabulary Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Volunteers
Irish Citizen Army
Cumann na mBan
Hibernian Rifles
Fianna Éireann

1916 1924 United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916–1924)
Part of the Banana Wars United States Dominican rebels

1916 1917 National Protection War
Anti-Monarchy War Republic of China Empire of China

1916 1918 Arab Revolt
Part of World War I Hashemite Arabs
United Kingdom
Sultanate of Nejd (Unification of Saudi Arabia)

Ottoman Empire

1917 1917 1917 Russian February Revolution Russian revolutionaries Russian Empire

1917 1917 1917 Russian October Revolution Bolsheviks Russian Provisional Government

1917 1923 Russian Civil War Communist Forces: Russian SFSR
Ukrainian SSR
Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine Russian Empire
Central Powers (until 1918):
Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Empire (including German colonial forces)
Ottoman Empire
Allied Forces (from 1918):
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Italy
Empire of Japan
Kingdom of Romania
Kingdom of Serbia
United Kingdom
United States

1917 1918 Soviet-Turkish War (1917-1918)
Part of Russian Civil War Ottoman Empire Russian SFSR

1917 1921 Ukrainian War of Independence
Part of the Russian Civil War

1918 1918 Finnish Civil War
Part of Russian Civil War Finnish White Guards
German Empire Finnish Communists
Russian SFSR

1918 1918 Georgian–Armenian War 1918 Democratic Republic of Georgia Democratic Republic of Armenia

1918 1919 German Revolution German Empire
Weimar Republic Communist Forces:
Bavarian Soviet Republic
Spartacus League
German Communist movements

1918 1919 Greater Poland Uprising (1918–1919) Poland German Empire

1918 1919 Polish–Ukrainian War Poland West Ukrainian People’s Republic

1918 1920 Georgian–Ossetian conflict (1918–1920) Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic
Democratic Republic of Georgia Pro-Bolshevik Ossetian rebels

1918 1920 Armenian–Azerbaijani War Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
Ottoman Empire (1918 only)
Russian SFSR (from April 1920)
Turkish Revolutionaries (from April 1920) Democratic Republic of Armenia
Republic of Mountainous Armenia
Nagorno-Karabakh rebels
British Empire (1918 only)
Centrocaspian Dictatorship (1918 only)

1918 1920 Estonian War of Independence Estonia
White Russia
United Kingdom
Ober Ost
Finnish, Swedish and Danish volunteers Russian SFSR
Estonian Commune
Latvian SSR

1918 1920 Latvian War of Independence Latvia
United Kingdom
France Russian SFSR
Latvian SSR

1918 1919 Lithuanian–Soviet War
Part of the Lithuanian Wars of Independence Lithuania
Saxon volunteers Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Lithuanian-Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic


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