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Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1870 1871 Franco-Prussian War North German Confederation
Kingdom of Bavaria
Kingdom of Württemberg Second French Empire
1871 1871 United States expedition to Korea
Sinmi Western invasion United States Joseon Dynasty (Korea)
1872 1876 Third Carlist War
1872 1873 Modoc War
Lava Beds War United States Modoc Tribes
1873 1904 Aceh War
Thirty Years War Dutch East Indies Aceh Sultanate
1873 1874 Third Anglo-Ashanti War British Empire Ashanti Empire
1874 1874 Brooks–Baxter War
1874 1875 Red River War United States Comanche Tribes
Kiowa Tribes
Souther Cheyenne Tribes
Arapaho Tribes
1876 1877 Great Sioux War of 1876-77
Black Hills War United States
Shoshone Tribes
Crow Nation
Pawnee Tribes Arapaho Tribes
Cheyenne Tribes
Lakota Tribes
1877 1877 Nez Perce War United States Nez Perce
1877 1877 Satsuma Rebellion Empire of Japan Satsuma Domain
1877 1879 Ninth Xhosa War British Empire
Mfengu Tribe Xhosa Gcaleka Tribe
1877 1878 Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) Russian Empire
Bulgarian volunteers Ottoman Empire
1878 1878 Bannock War United States Bannock
Northern Shoshone
1878 1878 Lincoln County War Ranchers
Regulators General Store Monopoly
1878 1879 Cheyenne War United States Cheyenne
1878 1880 Second Anglo-Afghan War British Empire
India Afghanistan
1879 1880 Little War (Cuba) Kingdom of Spain Cuba
1879 1879 Anglo-Zulu War British Empire
Colony of Natal Zulu Kingdom
1879 1884 War of the Pacific Republic of Chile Republic of Peru
Republic of Bolivia
1879 1879 Sheepeater Indian War United States Turakina
1879 1880 Victorio’s War United States
Mexico Apache

[edit] 1880 – 1889
Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1880 1881 Basuto Gun War Basotho Tribes Cape Colony
1880 1881 First Boer War South African Republic British Empire
1881 1881 French occupation of Tunisia France Tunisia
1881 1899 Mahdist War Egypt
British Empire
Belgium Mahdist Sudan
1883 1914 Ekumeku War
1883 1885 First Madagascar expedition France Merina dynasty of Madagascar
1883 1886 Tonkin Campaign French Third Republic Qing Dynasty
Black Flag Army
1884 1885 Sino-French War French Third Republic
Annam Protectorate Qing Empire of China
Remnants of the Nguyễn Dynasty of Viet Nam
Black Flag Army
1885 1885 North-West Rebellion Dominion of Canada Provisional Government of Saskatchewan
1885 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War Principality of Bulgaria Kingdom of Serbia
1885 1887 Third Anglo-Burmese War British Empire
India Third Burmese Empire

[edit] 1890 – 1899
Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1890 1890 First Franco-Dahomean War Kingdom of Porto-Novo
France Dahomey
1890 1891 Pine Ridge Campaign United States Sioux tribes
1891 1891 Chilean Civil War Congressist Junta
Navy of Chile Republic of Chile
Army of Chile
1892 1894 Second Franco-Dahomean War France Dahomey
1893 1897 War of Canudos United States of Brazil Canudos inhabitants
1893 1893 Franco-Siamese War France
French Indochina Siam
1893 1894 First Rif War Kingdom of Spain Moroccan Rif Confederacy
1893 1894 First Matabele War United Kingdom
British South Africa Police
Tswana people Northern Ndebele people
1894 1896 Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War United Kingdom Ashanti Empire
1894 1894 Donghak Peasant Movement Joseon Dynasty
Empire of Japan Donghak army
1894 1895 First Sino-Japanese War Empire of Japan Qing Empire of China
1894 1895 Second Madagascar expedition France Merina dynasty of Madagascar
1895 1896 First Italo-Ethiopian War Ethiopia
Eritrean Rebels/Remnants of army Kingdom of Italy
1895 1898 Cuban War of Independence Cuba
United States Kingdom of Spain
1895 1895 Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1895) Empire of Japan Republic of Formosa
Various militia forces
1896 1896 Anglo-Zanzibar War
The shortest war in history British Empire Zanzibar
1896 1898 Philippine Revolution Katipunan
Sovereign Tagalog Nation
United States Kingdom of Spain
1896 1897 Second Matabele War United Kingdom
British South Africa Police Northern Ndebele people
Shona people
1897 1897 Greco-Turkish War (1897)
The Thirty Days’ War Ottoman Empire Kingdom of Greece
1897 1898 Anglo-Pathan War Pathans of Afghanistan India
United Kingdom
1898 1898 Spanish–American War United States
Republic of Cuba
First Philippine Republic
Katipunan Kingdom of Spain
1898 1900 Voulet-Chanoine Mission France Regions claimed in Central Africa
1899 1901 Boxer Rebellion Eight-Nation Alliance
Empire of Japan
Russian Empire
British Empire
French Third Republic
United States
German Empire
Kingdom of Italy
Austria-Hungary Righteous Harmony Society
Qing Empire of China
1899 1902 Second Boer War British Empire Orange Free State
South African Republic
Foreign volunteers
1899 1902 Thousand Days War Colombian Conservative Party Colombian Liberal Party
1899 1902
(Malvar surrender)
(Irreconcilables active) Philippine–American War United States
Philippine Constabulary
Philippine Scouts First Philippine Republic
Sultanate of Sulu
Moro people


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